How Does Collagen Help a Keto Diet?

What is the deal with collagen these days?  It's become pretty popular due to a little thing called bulletproof coffee, or BPC.  It's been popular in years past because of its known benefits to skin and nails.  But why is a collagen supplement a big deal for people on keto?

Want to know the truth about collagen and if it really matters what kind of protein you use in your bulletproof coffee?  Read on!

Benefits of Collagen for Weight Loss

Collagen Keeps You Full Longer

One of the biggest reasons we've found that collagen is great for people on the keto diet is that it keeps you full and satisfied.  Most people use the keto diet for weight loss, so eating less calories yet feeling satisfied is a big goal.  However, it is not new that protein in general is associated with this benefit.  The new thing is that collagen has been shown in some studies to be even better than other proteins at being more satiating.

Collagen has been shown to keep you satisfied longer (up to 3 hours) compared to whey, casein, soy, or whey-GMP.[i]  When combined with a meal, it has been shown to help you ingest less calories.

With this one benefit alone collagen would already be superior to other protein supplements for a weight loss diet.

Collagen Improves Body Composition

Often during weight loss routines the body composition can change in a negative way - meaning a loss of muscle mass accounts for some of the weight loss.  However, in one study, collagen was shown to be superior to whey protein for retaining muscle mass when losing weight - even on a low protein diet. [ii]  This is particularly helpful for people consuming a low amount of calories on a keto weight loss diet.

In addition, supplementing with collagen has been shown to decrease age-related bone mass loss.  It is also beneficial to building bone mass for athletes:  bone mass is increased with the intake of collagen if exercise is added to a daily regimen. [iii]  For these benefits in this study, 6% of the daily caloric intake was collagen.

There are additional studies relating it to adipocytes (fat cells).  However, these are preliminary and without further research we don't want to draw any conclusions that collagen can be directly related to changes in fat cells.

Collagen Benefits Toward Weight Loss

Additional Collagen Benefits

Joint Pain

Collagen is what makes up a good portion of your bones and joints, so it is no wonder that supplementing with it can have benefits for these areas of the body.  Athletes suffering from joint pain can benefit from supplementing with 10 grams daily.  After a 24 week study, athletes showed improvement in joint pain.  It may also help reduce the risk of joint deterioration. [iv]

If you incorporate exercise into your keto weight loss routine, collagen would be a nice supplement for your joints.  Added body weight can also be detrimental to your joints especially with exercises like running and jumping, so reducing your body weight is also a great first step to relieving joint pain.

Skin Health

We can't neglect mentioning the extra benefits for skin health.  This can be beneficial for people who are losing major amounts of weight.  For these people, their skin may not be able to keep up with the weight loss.  Consuming collagen hydrolyzate as a supplement may help with your skin elasticity - these benefits may be noticeable after only 4 weeks of use. [v]  The great part about this study was only 2.5 grams of collagen was necessary to notice these benefits, and they were maintained 4 weeks after the end of the study.

In addition, bioactive collagen peptides have been shown to improve cellulite appearance in overweight women in a period of 6 months.  If you're losing weight, you will probably want to show off that new figure.  Instead of hiding yourself behind pants, bring out some shorts or swimsuits during the summer time.  By taking only 2.5 grams of bioactive collagen peptides, you can see a noticeable difference in cellulite appearance in 6 months time.[vi]

Why Collagen in Bulletproof Coffee?

In summary, collagen is recommended in bulletproof coffee because it has a bunch of health benefits!  It keeps hunger at bay longer than other protein supplements like whey.  The powder dissolves very easily into warm or cold liquids, so it can be used in hot coffee or cold nutrition shakes.  It's even been shown to help maintain muscle mass when eating reduced calories - on a regular reduced caloric diet, losing muscle mass can be a problem.

If you think about it, you normally start your day with a coffee.  So why not start it with a coffee that keeps you full longer, and has added weight loss potential?!

Different Types of Collagen

When purchasing as a supplement, most products come in a powder form.  If you'd like to try out collagen powder as a supplement to your keto diet, this is the kind we use:

We've actually wrote a full review of the 5 best collagen powder supplements, you should check it out if you're interested in supplementing.  We've also seen collagen in pill form, but we haven't tried it so can't say our opinion.

You can also get gelatin from bone broth.  Gelatin is broken down into collagen in the body.  Cook bones from meats in water and make a tasty bone broth soup!  Sometimes you can pick up bones at the grocery store cheap, just ask the guy behind the meat counter!

When paired with MCT oil in a bulletproof coffee, this protein can be a powerhouse addition to the keto diet.  MCT oil will generate ketones rapidly, giving you super quick energy...another great way to start the day.  Check out some other benefits of MCT oil here.

Do you drink coffee with MCT oil and collagen?  Have you noticed the benefits above?  We'd like to hear about it!!!  Tell us in the comments!

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