4 Keto Foods High In Calcium

Almost everyone knows the importance of calcium in the body.  Calcium builds strong bones.  It also has other regulatory functions in the body.  It is a super important mineral.

However, it seems that on the ketogenic diet, many people find it difficult to get enough calcium through keto foods.

On a standard American diet, calcium is usually found in dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt, as well as in fortified cereals.

On a ketogenic diet, people can no longer eat the same foods that they used to get their calcium from.  You will not be able to eat milk or cereal like you used to - they are just too high in carbs.   (Although you could try out our keto cinnamon toast crunch cereal recipe if you really miss your morning cereal!)

You can still get plenty of this great mineral on the ketogenic diet.  Check out these calcium rich keto foods and recommendations!

High Calcium Keto Foods

  • Almond milk (fortified) ~ 200 mg in one cup
  • Cheese sticks ~ 92 mg in 1 oz (1 oz ~ 1 cheese stick)
  • Almonds raw ~ 76 mg in 1 oz serving (about 28 nuts)
  • Eggs ~ 88 mg in 2 eggs

Moderate Calcium Keto Foods

We all know the importance of vegetables while on the keto diet.  You get fiber, vitamins and minerals from vegetables.  These keto safe vegetables are low in carbs and have moderate amounts of calcium.  These are in a 1/2 cup serving of raw vegetables.

Remember, these vegetables will shrink when cooked so if you're eating a 1/2 cup cooked vegetables, you're getting even more of the bone mineral!  Way to go!

  • Onion ~ 22 mg (somewhat high in carbs with 7 grams in this serving size)
  • Broccoli ~ 21 mg
  • Celery ~ 20 mg
  • Brussel sprouts ~ 19 mg
  • Green beans ~ 19 mg
  • Cabbage ~ 18 mg

Keto Recipes with high calcium

  • Keto Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
  • Cheesy green beans
  • Asian broccoli
  • Green beans with onion
  • Baked brussel sprouts
  • Egg omelette with cheese and sauteed onions

More Facts About Calcium

RDI of Calcium

The daily recommended intake of calcium is 1000 mg.  Many multi-vitamins contain 500 mg, so they will not cover it all.

Make sure to get a glass of almond milk and cheese in your diet throughout the day.

Calcium Absorption

Vitamin D helps increase calcium absorption.  Exercise and muscle building activities also help your bones absorb it and build stronger bones.

Your body cannot absorb all of its daily recommended value at once.  It can only absorb about half of the daily recommended intake at a time.  But to be honest, now that you know this, it's easy to get in your calcium on the keto diet.

A glass of almond milk, 3 cheese sticks and a multi-vitamin spread throughout the day will cover your daily requirements!


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