Top 10 Potassium Rich Foods Safe for Keto

We all know the importance of potassium in the body to prevent muscle cramps.  For a person on a normal diet, it is pretty easy to get the recommended daily value...a few potatoes, a banana, some beans and you're most of the way there.  For people on the keto diet, it is not as easy to get enough potassium.

Keto athletes can feel the effects of a shortage during exercise very easily - the cramping and fatigue in the legs can be huge detriment.

There are even more benefits to potassium than for athletes.  Benefits like bone health, regulating blood pressure and heart disease.

It doesn't have to be difficult to get enough potassium on a ketogenic diet if you know a few specific foods to eat every day.  Here's our list of the top 10 potassium rich foods for the keto diet!

The Top 10 Potassium Rich Foods for Keto


Avocado is known as a superfood for good reason.  It is one of the best foods you can eat on the ketogenic diet as well.  High fat, low-carb, lots of fiber.  In one avocado you get 975 mg of potassium, which is 27% of the potassium needed for one day!

Get avocado on a keto diet by eating with eggs in the morning, making into guacamole or mixing with vegetables to make them more creamy.  There are even avocado ice cream recipes out there.


Salmon is another superfood that is great for a keto diet.  Not only is it high in omega 3's, but in one 5.5 oz filet contains 967 mg of potassium, or 28% of the recommended daily value!

Our favorite way of making salmon is pan-searing it and making any keto-friendly vegetable side!


Zucchini is a versatile vegetable for the keto diet, so it's great that it has a high amount of potassium.  In 2 cups of raw zucchini you'll get 775 mg of potassium, or 17% of the recommended daily value.

For athletes that are used to "carbing up" before an event, you could instead load up on  zucchini pasta!


Cauliflower, the best starch substitue for keto out there.  Just like the potatoes it substitutes for in a lot of keto recipes, you'll get potassium here!  In 2 raw cups of cauliflower you'll get 640 mg potassium (14% RDI).

Try cauliflower seasoned fries for an awesome recipe you could eat every night!  Or cauliflower mashed potatoes for a home-cooked feel.


Mushrooms are super popular in keto recipes.  They add a little something to a casserole, without barely adding any carbs.  In 2 cups of raw mushrooms you'll get 610 mg potassium (13% RDI) and only 4 grams net carbs.

Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts are a hot vegetable right now.  Which makes the fact that they're high in potassium even better.  In two cups of raw brussel sprouts, you'll get 685 mg (15% RDI).  Just watch out, brussels tend to be slightly high in net carbs: in 2 raw cups you'll jump to 9 grams of net carbs.

Trendy restaurants have made them a super yummy vegetable.  Although most restaurants do add sugar, you can make some awesome oven baked brussel sprouts at home that are keto friendly.

Sirloin Steak

You're not going to eat salmon for every meal, and when you don't, try out a sirloin steak!  In a 5 oz filet you'll get 500 mg of potassium.  Let's be honest, if you're having steak you'll probably eat more than 5 oz, so naturally you'll get more potassium too!

Trout or Mahi Mahi

Trout or other fish like mahi mahi have good amounts of potassium as well!  In a 5 oz filet of trout, you'll get 640 mg of potassium (14% RDI).  In a 5 oz filet of mahi mahi you'll get 630 mg.


Celery is a great vegetable to use for dipping and snacking.  It's easy quick and crunchy right out of the fridge.  The great part is that in 2 raw cups of celery you'll get 525 mg of potassium (11% RDI) and only 2.8  net carbs!

Almond Milk

We love having almond milk at dinner time.  Although 1 cup is not super high in potassium, it's a great way to add some extra potassium to your diet.  1 cup of almond milk has 190 mg of potassium.

Potassium Supplements - Not worth it

Most potassium supplements only give you 3% of your daily recommended intake, so a supplement really isn't helpful.  There is law that prevents high amounts of potassium in supplement form, so don't go trying to google a highly concentrated supplement - it won't be there.

A lot of these foods are also high in fiber and magnesium.

Getting Potassium Through Food on Keto Diet

Eating two avocados a day makes it super easy to get your potassium in - in addition, you get your daily recommended fiber just by those two avocados.  Get the other half of your potassium with two cups of vegetables listed above and a few glasses of almond milk.

If you are tired of avocados, eat some salmon for dinner - it has just as much potassium as one avocado in a 5.5 oz filet.


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