KETODOMAIN's 30 Day Keto Diet Weight Loss Program

Designed for maximum weight loss for 30 days, but maintainable weight loss for LIFE!

Our Purpose?

We believe everyone deserves to live a healthy, happy, purpose filled life without the daily stress of restrictive dieting.

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Why KetoRevive?

We give you everything you need & more to lose weight, but learn about yourself and your health so that there's no turning back.

Every.Single.Day.  We are there for you throughout this program

Every day you get:

+Meal plans and everything included in our 30 Day Weight Loss Meal Plan

+Exercise Routines

+Techniques/Methods for you to Learn About Your Body & Self, & Stop Bad Health Habits

+Knowledge Base Training About Nutrition, Health and/or Weight Loss

You won't feel lost.  We are literally there for you every single day!

KetoRevive uses the Ketogenic Diet because...

It's simply the best diet for weight loss! 

The Keto Diet...

  • Reduces cravings
  • Increases energy, even when calories are restricted
  • Increases satiety & satisfaction
  • Burns fat, not muscle, for energy when in a calorie deficit

Read More About Weight Loss on Keto

Exercise videos to boost metabolism and improve body composition

  • High Intensity Interval Training videos with a focus on a different part of the body each day
  • Designed for maximum calorie burn short workouts
  • 15 minute workouts - Time efficient exercises -  No excuses!
  • Modifications for beginners to exercise!
  • No gym membership required - at home exercises with minimal to no equipment

KetoRevive uses Specific Techniques for Daily Health & Weight Regain Prevention

These techniques are designed to...

  • Improve your self image & emotional outlook
  • Understand your daily habits around food and eating
  • Help you learn how to listen to your body
  • Help cope with causes of overeating, such as stress, anxiety or boredom

PLUS...Knowledge Base Videos & Training

Over 5 hours of information! How can you really keep weight off if you don't understand how weight gain occurs?

Through our training learn about...

  • The Ketogenic Diet - everything important!
  • Weight loss - How you gain & lose weight
  • Food - How to pick the right food at the store
  • How to transition from dieting to maintenance
  • Other important topics to your health


It will be the best 30 days you've spent on your health


KetoRevive is an online based weight loss program.  It is 30 Days of content.  Every day there is a video from Janine that gives you guidance for that day - from your daily "To-Do" list, to how you might be feeling, to advice.

This program was designed so that you should never feel "lost".

You will get reminder emails every single day to keep you on track.

You get access immediately once you purchase, however, to limit being overwhelmed from too much information, you get access to program information as you progress through the program.  For example, content for Week 2 is not available until midway through Week 1, and so on.  You can look ahead a few days, but because we try to be thorough, it can be overwhelming to look too far in advance.

We promise, we designed this so that you get what you need, when you need it.

$118 on checkout.  No hidden fees.  Think about it.  It's an investment in your health.  And it's the last weight loss program (or weight loss ANYTHING!) you'll need.

KetoRevive takes care of...

  • Meal Planning, including grocery lists
  • Exercise routines - cancel your expensive gym membership and workout at home!
  • Keto Course leading you through the Ketogenic Diet
  • Eliminating bad health habits & replacing them with good ones
  • Education around food, nutrition and your body

With purchase you get access to:

+Our 30 Day Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Meal Plan and everything that goes with it!

+Daily Exercise Videos + a few extra stretching videos

+Daily Talk from Janine to guide you through your day

+Techniques to master to regain your health, learn about your body and kick bad health habits

+Knowledge Base Videos to learn about something health based or "Homework" every day

+A new lease on life!  You're a beautiful person, inside and out, and we will help you rediscover that!

There is no refund policy once you purchase the program, except that if you follow everything in the 30 days, and are not satisfied with the changes in your body and mind, then we will refund you.  However, you must show proof of following every aspect of the program in order to be refunded.  KetoRevive was designed to be followed thoroughly, and priced accordingly.  Please respect our knowledge, effort, and program.  We know you'll love it!

Because of this, we don't expect you to ask for a refund.  If you find something missing or something you'd like to learn about in addition to what we provide, let us know at [email protected] and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Yes! Our meal plan comes with directions on what to eat, recommendations on when to make each meal (for the least amount of cooking and preparation), and what to do with additional servings.

The meal plan is for one person, but can easily be adjusted for multiple people.  We provide 3 ketogenic diet recipes, directions, and macro-nutrients every day.

On average, each day is between 1150-1300 calories.  Snack options are available if you require more calories.

There is a wide variation of meals, including Mexican, Italian and everyday cuisines; but, if you like or dislike one meal more than other, than can be interchanged easily.

Please go here to learn about what you get with our meal plan.