Review of Keto-Mojo Blood Ketone Meter

Review of Keto Mojo

Testing blood ketones can be an important part to a ketogenic diet.  There's only a few blood ketone meters out on the market, and most were made for type-2 diabetics to test ketoacidosis- not for people on the ketogenic diet.  However, the people from Keto-Mojo have created a blood ketone monitor specifically for people on the keto diet and we've recently tested and reviewed Keto-Mojo Ketone Meter.

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Blood Ketone Meter: How it works

A blood ketone meter works just like a blood glucose test.  You simply prick your finger with a lancing device to draw a drop of blood, and put that drop of blood on a test strip which has been inserted into the blood meter.  Wait a few seconds and the results of the amount of ketones in your blood appear!  Testing your blood ketones is one of the best ways to test ketones on the ketogenic diet because it is the most accurate method compared to urine and breath analysis.  However, your blood ketones can really vary depending on the time of day, time of exercise, and time of meals - so you need to know a little bit of background and what you're doing before testing.  Read here to learn more.

Review of Keto Mojo Ketone Meter

How Does It Work?

The Keto Mojo blood ketone meter came very nicely packaged.  There is a very large instruction packet which makes it seem like a lot of work to set-up the Keto-Mojo meter, but it actually was quite easy and took about 5 minutes once we looked through the directions.  However, if you're looking for a "ready to go" meter, then this is not the meter we recommend (instead try this meter).

One thing upon set-up that I did not particularly like is that you can only set one unit for the blood and ketone results.  Blood is usually taken in mg/dl - so you are used to seeing the numbers in 80-120 mg/dl as normal blood glucose results.  Ketones are usually taken in mmol/L - so you are used to seeing the numbers in 0.1-5.0 mmol/L as normal blood ketone results.  For the Keto-Mojo, you only get one choice: mg/dl or mmol/L for both glucose and ketones.

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Of course, this isn't a deal breaker as it is a very simple conversion; however, you may have to do an extra calculation every time you want to test both glucose and ketones.  (Just for your easy of setting up the meter, set it up in mmol/L.  When you take your glucose, simply multiply by 18 to get the blood glucose in mg/dl.)

When it came to actually testing glucose and ketones, we found a few odd quirks that we did not particularly like.  Once inserting the glucose or ketone test strip, they both had extra units on the screen that were not made apparent in the instruction manual.  The ketone meter even has an error screen pop up each time we insert a ketone strip, but once we give it a few seconds it proceeds to the testing screen.

Once you put your blood droplet on the test strip as the instruction manual indicates, the ketone meter works properly.  When it comes to accuracy, we found the Keto-Mojo to be fairly accurate.  It was not better or worse than other ketone meters we've used - so it does the job just fine.

In the end, the meter works; but why it gives errors and weird screens - we're not sure.

Keto Mojo Price

In comparison to other blood ketone meters, the Keto-Mojo is very competitively priced.  If you purchase the package below from Amazon, you get everything you need to test ketones.  At the time of writing this review, the package costs around $59.  This might seem expensive, but the ketone test strips can be quite pricey.  They average about $2 per strip, but Keto Mojo sells theirs currently for about $1 per strip - MUCH better than the average seller.  The fact that this package also includes the meter, test strips for ketones, and lancing device and lancet, this Keto-Mojo package a very well priced ketone meter.

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In addition, if you need to purchase refills of the ketone test strips they are half the price of market ketone test strips at about $1 per strip.  This is honestly a great sale price for as long as it lasts.  Click here to get extra test strips.

Keto-Mojo Results

In the end, we really like the Keto Mojo, especially when it comes to price.  Yes, there are a few quirks they need to work out, but if you test your ketones daily, the price can really add up with other ketone meters and the Keto Mojo is a great cost saver.

Keto-Mojo Pros

  • The price is definitely right!
  • Ketone test strips on sale are about $1/strip
  • 5 minutes to set-up
  • Accuracy
  • Packages available that come with everything you need

Keto-Mojo Cons

  • Weird quirks and error screens
  • Can only choose mg/dl or mmol/L as units for both glucose and ketones

If you'd like to purchase and take advantage of Amazon shipping, click below to check out the Keto-Mojo.  Add the ketone test strips and glucose test strips to this Amazon package to get everything you need for testing.

Extra Ketone Test Strips

If you're still undecided on the best blood ketone meter, check out our review page of several of the best blood ketone meters on the market today!

  1. In Settings, choose mg/dl. If you do that, then the meter will give you mg/dl readings only when using the glucose strips, but will still give you mmol/L readings when using the ketone strips. If you choose mmol/L in Settings, then I’m pretty sure that it will give you ketone *and* glucose readings in mmol/L.

    I just used mine for the first time, and saw online that choosing the mg/dl setting would still show ketones in mmol/L, and that’s how it worked for me.

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