7 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for People on Keto Diet

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Sometimes it's difficult to find a great Christmas present for family members that they'll actually use.  We know, we have a hard time EVERY year.  What's even harder?  Finding a Christmas gift for people on a diet.  This year, it doesn't have to be that hard.  If your friend or family member is on a healthy weight-loss diet like the ketogenic diet, we have some awesome Christmas present ideas for you!  Plus, we're putting this list out early so you can take advantage of any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals.

Show your friends or family you support them by giving them a Christmas gift this year that fits their new lifestyle.  The keto diet can seem strange to people that haven't seen its benefits.  And it's hard to be supportive of someone on keto when you don't understand how it works.  Don't worry, with this Christmas present list for people on a diet, we've done the work so you don't have to!

We know kitchen gadgets that people on keto use that people on regular diet won't need.  If your wife is losing weight like crazy and can't find clothes that fit, we've found the perfect clothes solution.  Gift ideas for people on a diet are easy with our list.  We've tried to include a budget gift and splurge gift in each category, so you have something to choose from whatever you have to spend.

Get your family member something for Christmas they'll actually use all year round.   If they have a lot of weight to lose, they might even use it daily!  Your Christmas present will be the best, not only because it will be useful, but because they'll know you thought enough to care for them on their keto diet journey.

Check out our 7 Best Ideas for Christmas Gifts for people on the Keto Diet:

1.  Gifts for the pasta-loving keto dieter

If your friend absolutely loved pasta before the keto diet, then they are probably struggling with the fact that they can't eat pasta on a low-carb diet.  A vegetable spiralizer comes to the rescue as a way to make pasta "noodles" out of vegetables!

Budget Keto Gift:

Hand Crank Vegetable Spiralizer for $19.50 from Amazon

Woohoo for zucchini pasta noodles!  A simple set-up for someone doing keto on their own that will only be making a few bowls of vegetable pasta at a time!

Splurge Gift:

 Automatic vegetable spiralizer - KitchenAid Attachment Spiralizer for $77 from Amazon

No more hand cranking the vegetables.  If your keto friend is a super chef, a KitchenAid attachment will get you into their heart!  Or if they're feeding a whole family of keto dieters, this automatic spiralizer would be nice.

2.  Gifts for the keto dieter who keeps shredding weight!

If your keto friend keeps losing weight, buying new clothes isn't necessarily the best option.  We've all heard of StitchFix, a clothing subscription that you have to buy the clothes if you want to wear them.  But if they keep changing sizes, new clothes might just be a waste of money.  How about a clothes rental subscription!  They pick out the styles they like, get sent new clothes to wear, and return when finished wearing!  Your keto diet friend can update their size as they change.

Clothes Rental Monthly Subscriptions

Neither of these clothes rental subscription plans are really budget or splurge, but they're based on sizes:

If you're a 2-16, try out LeTote.  Monthly subscriptions start at $59 per month for 3 garments and 2 accessories.  Cancel anytime.

If you're a size 10-32, try out Gwynnie Bee.  Monthly subscriptions start at $49 per month for 1 item, and go up from there.   Try it out for free and cancel anytime.

3.  Gifts for the keto dieter who tracks progress

A scale with a bodyfat monitor is an awesome option for someone on keto.  The best part of weight loss on keto is burning fat, not muscle.  With one of these, you can literally watch the fat melt away on the scale.

Budget Gift:

EatSmart Precision Digital Body Fat Scale for $35 from Amazon

Step-on technology.  Measurements include weight, body fat, body water, muscle mass, and bone mass.  Weight capacity up to 400 lb.  Up to 8 users.  No bluetooth capacity to connect to your phone apps.  Works on 4 AAA batteries.

Splurge Gift:

Tanita Ironman Body Composition Monitor Elite Series for $148 from Amazon

Step-on technology.  Measurements include weight, body fat, muscle mass, body water %, basal metabolic rate (BMR), metabolic age, bone mass, visceral fat and rates your physique!  Weight capacity up to 330 lb.  Up to 4 users.  No bluetooth capacity to connect to your phone apps.  Works on 2 AA batteries.  3 year warranty.

4.  Gifts for the busy keto dieter

Ready to eat Keto meals are difficult, if not impossible, to find in the store.  That's where some prepared meals come in handy.  Because they are so rare and the meals have to come frozen, full meal services can get pricey so there's no budget item.  But there is a keto snack service that can be considered a budget item.

Budget Gift:

Keto snack subscription service Keto Delivered

There is only one option for a monthly subscription at $39.95.  You get one box per month with 5-7 new artisan "keto" items in each box.

Splurge Gift:

Meal prep subscription service Factor75

Starting at $60/week for 4 meals/week and goes up from there.  It's pricey at $15/meal, but these days that's as much as eating out, and eating out is hard and disappointing on keto.  Might as well test it out for a week and see if they like it!  They can cancel it at anytime.

5.  Gifts for the keto dieter who still loves to cook

Sometimes it's hard on the keto diet to find good recipes that are low-carb, but they're out there!  A Keto Cookbook might give inspiration to someone who used to love to create meals.  Or, if they already know how to cook but are struggling to get the meat and fat portions right, a food scale is a great option.  Both of these gift ideas an inexpensive, but if you're splurging, get them both gifts!

Budget Gift #1

Keto Diet Cookbook for only $6.99 at Amazon.

One of the top rated keto diet cookbooks with real meals is  The Wicked Good Ketogenic Diet Cookbook: Easy, Whole Food Keto Recipes for Any Budget

Budget Gift #2

Ozeri Pronto Food Scale for only $11 at Amazon.

The top rated food scale.  A nice stainless steel and easy to read screen.  Will measure from 0.05 oz (1 gram) to about 11 lb.  Low measurements are nice when weighing out keto sweeteners.

6.  Gift for the keto diet athlete

If you're not on the keto diet, you probably won't understand either of these gifts.  But trust us, your keto diet friend will be ecstatic.  Both MCT oil and exogenous ketones have their benefits, but both are good sources of quick energy on the keto diet.

Anjou MCT Oil for $18 at Amazon

MCT oil produces ketones super fast in the body (aka super fast energy for someone on keto).   Some people say they help induce ketosis faster than normal.  The Anjou brand MCT oil we listed is a really high rated one - with 95% of the oil containing the super fast ketone producing MCT's.  🙂  The only downside to MCT oil is it can cause diarrhea, so tell your friend to use small amounts at first.  (Read this article about MCT oil if you want to know more about benefits and how to pick a good one.)

Splurge Gift:

Exogenous Ketone Supplement for $48 at Amazon

Exogenous ketones are similar to MCT's, but they are an immediate source of energy for people on the keto diet.  If your friend likes to exercise intensely at all on keto, these are a super nice gift to have - similar to taking an energy gel before an intense workout when you eat a normal diet.

7.  Gift for the cheese loving keto dieter

Budget Keto Gift: 

Individual Specialty Cheeses priced as low as $15 for one cheese

Build your own gift cheese and meat set.  Individually priced items if you can only afford one cheese!  They have monthly subscriptions, but they're quite pricey and a minimum of 4 months.

Splurge Keto Gift:

Cheese subscription service starting at $98 for 2 months

A cheese of the month club!  This membership is a minimum of 2 months priced at $34.95+14 shipping and handling.  Expensive, but there are definitely some rare cheeses sent out.  They also have great ratings.   If your friend is a cheese connoisseur, this is the gift.

8.  A Weight Loss Program

KetoRevive - our 30 day weight loss program with guided videos to learn about the ketogenic diet, a 30 day keto meal plan, and exercise videos!  You can't go wrong!

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