Hidden Carbs in Fast Food Soups

It was a beautiful fall weekend here in Colorado.  My family was in town visiting this for a cousin's wedding.

The day of the wedding we were all being lazy and hanging around the apartment until we had to get ready and head to the ceremony.  Around lunch time, my sister and Dad picked up some sandwiches at Quiznos to make things easy, and were thoughtful enough to get me some soup instead since I eat keto.

The soup was a great broccoli cheddar that looked and smelled amazing.  On the menu, the soup sounds perfect for keto diet: cheddar, broccoli and it was creamy, so I like to assume a lot of fat.  Nice and low-carb and yummy.

But because I've been cooking keto for a while now, I have to dig deep and know that fast food soup is not going to be very keto friendly.  I took one bite just to taste it and knew: that soup was full of corn starch or some other carbohydrate thickener in order to make it the right consistency.  🙁   Low-carb dreams of fast food soup went out the window!

Check the Nutrition Label in Fast Food "Keto" Foods

Ugh, it's so frustrating when you find something on a menu that is so close to keto, but they ruin it by adding carbohydrate fillers or sugar.  This seems to happen quite often actually.  I took a look at the amount of carbohydrate in some common fast food soups and was only slightly surprised at what I found.

To be honest, I've stopped giving any restaurant the benefit of the doubt that they do not add sugar or fillers.  It is so common with all food.  You have to look at the ingredients label to know if there are added carbohydrates.

There was actually a similarly high amount of carbs in the fatty soups as opposed to those that had noodles or beans.   The chicken noodle surprised me with the lowest amount of carbs.  If you were in a pinch, you could actually get away with eating a small bowl of chicken noodle soup at Quiznos when on the keto diet or a similar low-carb diet.

For example, at Quiznos there are 4 soup choices.  Below is the carbohydrate information for each for a small bowl (without the crackers, duh low-carb dieters, no crackers!).

Quiznos Fast Food Soup Carbohydrate Information

Broccoli Cheese- 10 grams carbs - 1 gram fiber = 9 grams net carbs

Tomato Bisque- 12 grams carbs - 1 gram fiber = 11 grams net carbs

Chicken Noodle- 8 grams carbs - 0 gram fiber = 8 grams net carbs

Chili- 19 grams carbs - 6 grams fiber = 13 grams net carbs


For another fast food example that is similar to Quiznos, we'll take a look at Subway's soups.  These are not perfect comparisons because each restaurant has a different size soup.  These are meant to be examples of foods to watch out for on the keto diet that could have high carb fillers.

Subway's Fast Food Soup Carbohydrate Information

Beef Chili- 20 grams carbs -5 grams fiber = 15 grams net carbs

Broccoli Cheddar- 18 grams carbs -1 gram fiber = 17 grams net carbs

Tomato Basil- 15 grams carbs -2 grams fiber = 13 grams net carbs

Homestyle Chicken Noodle- 14 grams carbs - 1 gram fiber = 13 gram net carbs

French Onion (includes cheese and bread)- 19 grams carbs - 1 gram fiber = 18 grams net carbs

If you're thinking of eating a fast food soup, think again before diving in.  You may just knock yourself right out of ketosis, even with good intentions.

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