Drink This, Not That: Light Beers

Let's be honest, beer is a favorite of people around the world.  Beer and other alcoholic beverages are probably one of the hardest things people give up on a diet.  But luckily, with some low-carb beers, you don't have to give up all your beer on a ketogenic diet.

All beers contain some carbohydrates, so if you're on a carb free diet, then you won't be able to have your happy hour beer.  But there's definitely some very low-carb beers out there that fit low-carb diets.  We're not talking about craft beer here- we're talking solely light, domestic beers in this article.

These domestic light beers can be found at most beers and liquor stores around the country.  If you find yourself going to a bar or picking up some beer for a party, these are your best beer options on keto.  These are also the lowest of the low carb options for keto.  There may be some craft beers that you can fit into your macros every now and then, but they will be higher in carbs and probably not safe for every day consumption on keto.  These low-carb beers are okay for almost every day (although we don't recommend drinking every day).

The tricky part about light beers is that they're not all as "light" on carbs as they'd like you to think.  Some light domestic beer companies have had their recipe for a long time, and they're not going to change it when they have a huge fan base.  We just want to forewarn you that even though it says light, it may not have as few of carbohydrates as you need for the ketogenic diet (*cough Bud Light *cough).

Here's our beers we recommend, and those that we don't, in this version of Drink This, Not That: Light Beers.

Drink This, Not That on the Keto Diet: Light Beers

 Bud Light

Bud Light is one of the most popular beers in America.  However, it shouldn't be if you're on a ketogenic diet.  Bud Light has a surprising 7 net carbs per 12 oz beer!  We couldn't believe it either.  It has more than some tasty craft beers.  When we found that out, we were pretty sad too.  Drinking a few Bud Lights probably took us straight off keto when we probably passed up a much tastier, low-carb beer.

We understand, the recipe for Bud Light has been around for a long time.  And if you're one of the most popular beers, you don't change your recipe.  But ketogenic dieters need to know: this is not a good low-carb beer option for keto.

Miller Lite

In our eyes Miller Lite and Bud Light are top competitors for domestic light beers.  It may come as a shock that Miller Lite has 3.2 net carbs per 12 oz bottle.  Yep, it killed Bud Light on the low-carb category.  You can have more than 2 bottles of Miller Lite for every one bottle of Bud Light.

The even better part is that you can find Miller Lite at almost any liquor store and at almost every bar.

Michelob Ultra

The beer that touts itself as the beer for athletes is not lying.  Michelob Ultra comes in as our top light beer recommendation for keto dieters with only 2.8 grams net carbs per 12 oz bottle.  It's only slightly lower than Miller Lite, but if you're really strict on your macros, then it might be what you need to stay under your carbs.

The only problem with Michelob Ultra is that sometimes it's not kept in stock at liquor stores, and sometimes not found in bars.  It also can be slightly more expensive than Miller Lite.

Conclusion on best low-carb light beer:

Drink Michelob Ultra as your first choice with only 2.8 grams of net carbs, you can hardly go wrong.  It's right there on the label and they're proud of it!  If it's not an option, Miller Lite almost always is.  Miller Lite is safe to drink on keto and stay plenty under your macros.  Bud Light is so high in carbs for a light beer, why even risk the carbs for it?  Miller Lite is pretty dang close tasting if we do say so ourselves.



Christmas Present for Keto Diet Beer Drinkers

What's a great Christmas present for a beer lover on the keto diet?!  A YETI Hugger/Coozie aka a rambler mug.  If your beer loving friend used to be a craft beer lover, but now has to go for the low-carb beer, the least you could do is let them hold the low-carb beer in an awesome coozie.  Plus, being ice-cold is pretty much required for low-carb beers to be enjoyable.

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