Complete Guide: What is A Fat Bomb?

Are you new to the keto diet?  Have you come across some pretty interesting food terms like bulletproof coffee and fat bombs?  If you've searched enough about the keto diet, you've probably come across these terms at some point.  And you're probably wondering what the big deal is.

Don't worry, we will catch you up on the hip keto phrases in no time!  In this post we answer "what is a fat bomb?"  and give you reasons why you may, or may not, want to start eating fat bombs on a daily basis.

What is a Fat Bomb?

Fat bombs, also known as keto bombs, are a high fat snack for people on the keto diet.  They are usually made from scratch at home with minimal ingredients.  (I haven't seen any pure fat bombs available at the store yet, but I'm sure they are coming.  I do see protein balls, but these are not the same).

Types of Fat Bombs

Fat bombs come in all types.

There are sweet, dessert-like fat bombs.  These could be chocolate flavored balls rolled in crushed nuts or coconut flakes.  They look fairly yummy, if the cook is good they might look like those chocolate candy Ferrero Rocher balls.

There are also savory and spicy fat bombs.  These could be cream cheese spiced with buffalo sauce wrapped in bacon.  Yep folks, this would constitute a high fat, bite size snack.

Maybe you don't like either of those, you just want something plain?  You can do that too.  Add some melted butter to almond butter, and you'll increase the fat content like crazy.  Drop it by spoonfuls into the freezer and wait a few hours for it to set.  There you go, a few almond butter fat bombs ready to eat.

Want a seasonal Fall flavored keto bomb?  Try out our pumpkin peanut butter fat bombs recipe!

Are you starting to understand what these keto bombs are all about?

Shapes and Sizes of Fat Bombs

Keto bombs are typically a finger food that can be eaten in one or two bites.  They can be rolled into a ball, or cut into squares similar to fudge pieces.  Fat bombs can also be formed in a muffin pan or ice cube tray to take better shape.

Fat bombs will consist of mostly fat (some are more than 95% fat), but they will be flavored so a person on the keto diet will still enjoy the taste.  Seasonings and zero calorie sweeteners can be used to flavor just like a regular recipe.

What's the Purpose of a Fat Bomb?

Fat bombs have one sole purpose: to help keto dieters up their fat in-take with decent tasting food.

The keto diet requires that you get a certain percentage of your daily calories from fat.  In fact, fat will make up the majority of your calories.  It is such a high percentage that most people find it difficult to find enough foods to eat, especially at the beginning.

Of course, it's not for the lack of fat options that make high fat meals difficult, but rather that most people just aren't used to so much fat.  On a standard American diet you don't center a meal around fat....most Americans are used to centering a meal around meat like a steak, or carbs like pasta.  It makes adjusting to a keto diet, where fat should be the focus, quite difficult to say the least.

Even a lot of fairly fatty foods also come high in protein - so you can't eat as much of these if you're serious about ketosis and paying attention to eating the correct food ratios.  Cheese and a fatty prime rib are an example: one ounce of cheese, the same amount in one cheese stick, has 7 grams of protein in it.  A piece of prime rib has much more.

If you're eating a 2000 calorie diet and the highest amount of protein for the keto diet, you only get to eat 125 grams of protein in one day.  That will get taken up very quickly with some eggs for breakfast, a few cheeses sticks at lunch and a steak for dinner.

In reality, fat bombs take the thinking out of a meal.  They are a ready to eat snack that has high fat, low net carbs and adequate protein already built in.

Are Fat Bombs Required on Keto?

We will put this simply: heck no!

If you're disciplined and don't mind a little cooking and calculating the right nutrition ratios, you have no need for fat bombs.  In fact, at Keto Domain, we're not big fans of fat bombs just because we'd rather eat a meal and not a "snack".

If you think about it, it's not difficult to make a meal high fat.  A gram of fat has more than twice the amount of calories as protein or carbohydrates.

We'll give you an example of how to adjust your normal morning breakfast to a keto breakfast: for us, it's two scrambled eggs.  Two scrambled eggs have 4.5 grams of fat and 6 grams of protein.  Right now the macros are only 63% calories from fat and 37% calories from protein.  Cook these two eggs in one tablespoon of coconut oil and you've just added 14 grams of fat making it a nice high fat keto meal at 87% of calories from fat.

Congrats, you've just learned how to do two things: 1) Make a keto meal and 2) Avoid the need for fat bombs.

Do Fat Bombs Help you Lose Weight?

Maybe.  If you  incorporate them into a keto diet done correctly, then they sure do!  The keto diet's main use is for weight loss.  Your body can easily burn fat and you have less food cravings - making a reduced calorie diet easier.  Reduced calories and ease of body fat burning makes for a nice weight loss program!

If you use fat bombs as an excuse to eat extra throughout the day, they could hurt your efforts.  Don't over consume them or go crazy.  Use them sparingly.  High fat is also high calorie.  If you can't control yourself then don't eat them!

Remember: High fat is the goal

Some people love fat bombs and there's nothing wrong with that.  They use the sweet kinds as their "dessert".  Or they use the savory kinds as an appetizer or yummy snack.  Whether you like or dislike fat bombs, either is okay.

The important thing to remember is keeping your diet high fat, adequate protein and low carb while on keto - whatever it takes to make that happen is what works for you!

Most likely if you're reading this you are new to the keto diet.  We recommend reading our guide to the keto diet for newbies next!  Avoid any mistakes that keep you out of ketosis and enjoy all the benefits as quick as possible!

If you want to try out some very simple fat bomb recipes, take a look at our collection!



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