Keto Diet Snacks that are Ready-To-Eat

What are some of the best keto diet snacks?

As self-proclaimed grazers and all day snackers, finding good keto snacks was super important to us.  Even more important were snacks we could buy from the store and eat on the go!

Where are the chips and crunchy snacks?!

pork rinds keto diet snack
Pork Rinds are a quick snack with zero carbs found at many stores

At the beginning of the diet, I found myself craving something crunchy with flavor.  The multiple varieties of flavored almonds really helped do the trick there.  But soon I was at parties and family gatherings watching people chomp on their crunchy, salty chips.  Oh my mouth was watering.  Yes, it's true that the longer you're on the keto diet the less food cravings you have.  But it's hard to break habits like having chips while watching an NFL game on Sundays.

I will admit, for a period of a few years I ate chips and salsa as a meal for dinner!

When I discovered there was a chip replacement for the keto diet, I was ecstatic.  That's where the pork rinds come in.

As I've traveled I've even found they are in almost every gas station I come across for a road trip keto diet snack.  Who knew!?

Heading to a family gathering or party?  Bring keto diet snacks

If you're heading to a family gathering where you'll know there will be temptations, bring along some keto diet snacks to share.  Then you can also avoid the questions and comments about why you're doing a silly, unhealthy (we know that's not true- read here about the health benefits of the keto diet) low carb diet.

Recommendations: bring a vegetable tray with guacamole or homemade dill dip or homemade ranch dip.  Bring an olive tray with green and black stuffed olives.  Bring a nut tray- pecans, flavored almonds and walnuts are the perfect quick keto diet snack.

There are also some great keto snack options that you can prepare at home for a tailgate or party.  What about some bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers?  My family who is not on the keto diet loved them too!

Here's a list of ready to eat keto diet snacks you can purchase at any regular store.

Listed in order of increasing carbohydrates per serving.  As always, check the nutrition label and serving size, keto dieters! Most brands will not add carbohydrate additives, but some brands do.  Foods to watch out for are denoted with a *.

Pork Rinds (Regular, BBQ and Hot varieties)

0 g

1 oz

Cheese sticks (lots of flavor variety here)* 0 g 1 oz
Stuffed olives 0 g 1 oz
Sausage links, precooked near the beef jerky or summer sausage (check ingredient label - lots of brands add sugar!)* 0 g 1 oz
Summer sausage* 0.4 g 1 oz
Dill pickles 0.5 g 1 pickle
Celery 1.2 g 1 large stalk
Roasted (dry or oil) pecans 1.2 g 1 oz
Peanuts (Salted) 1.6 g 1 oz
Cucumber slices 1.6 g 1/2 cup slices
Macadamia nuts 1.6 g 1 oz
Beef jerky (check ingredient label - lots of brands add sugar!)* 1.8 g 1 piece
Walnuts 1.9 g 1 oz
Flavored almonds (BBQ, wasabi, roasted varieties)* (best option choose Blue Diamond brand) 2.0 g 1 oz
100 calorie guacamole packs with bagged vegetables for dipping 2.0 g 1 pack
Sunflower seeds 3.6 g 1 oz (kernels only)
Pickled cherry peppers 4.0 g 1 oz
Almond butter (fresh grind or natural- no sugar added) 4.0 g 2 Tbsp
Dark chocolate (70% cocoa and above recommended)* 4.8 g 1/2 oz (equates to only 1 or 2 pieces depending on bar)
Peanut butter (fresh grind or natural- no sugar added)* 5.0 g 2 Tbsp

Flavored Almonds (Dark chocolate flavored)* (best option choose Blue Diamond brand)

6.0 g

1 oz

Some of these foods are not the healthiest options for the keto diet.  Don't get in a habit of eating the foods in italics on a daily basis.

All we are claiming here is that they are yummy keto diet snacks that can be purchased at most stores to avoid ruining your ketosis - because as experienced keto dieters know, one bad day of high carb foods and temptations and take you right out of ketosis.

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