Hi!  I'm Janine, the founder of Keto Domain!  I founded KetoDomain.com because I absolutely love what the ketogenic diet has done for my life, and I wanted to spread the good news about it in the most honest, yet educational way. 


I believe there's more to life than dieting, obsessing over calories or how you look in the mirror.  I developed Keto Revive to not only help people lose weight with a structured Keto program, but also to help them learn about nutrition, exercise, and the most important thing of all...themselves and their bodies.

I believe in...

  • Living a life of purpose, not one obsessed with looks or body image
  • Eating a nutritious diet, therefore nourishing the body and mind
  • Exercising with vigor, helping your body fulfill its daily tasks and purpose with ease
  • Recognizing feelings and coping with emotions, therefore resolving any emotional issues that stand in the way of physical and mental health
  • Loving yourself for being YOU - both the beauty and imperfections - inside and out


My story goes way back before the ketogenic diet was mainstream.  Like many of you, it could probably go back to my pre-teen years, when I first glimpsed a Cosmo magazine and started recognizing changes in my body.  While not overweight at all, and with an athletic toned figure, I recognized the comments, both positive and negative, welcome and unwelcome, about my body.  I began comparing myself to my friends and those models in magazines.

Like many people, when I was young I didn't know anything about nutrition, food, or health.

Physically I got away with a lot because I played sports heavily throughout high school, college and after.  But I was very often tired because I wasn't treating my body right: I didn't know how to provide myself with nutritious foods or in the correct quantities, I didn't give myself adequate sleep, I had no idea how to deal with stress and anxiety, I had periods of binge eating and then deprivation, the list goes on...

Learning Slowly...

Over time I slowly began researching and learning about food and nutrition - I have a Chemical Engineering degree, so understanding complexities came naturally.

I slowly learned more and more...

I learned about whole foods vs processed foods, organic vs inorganic, alkaline vs acidic foods, and in general just what the body needed.

Enter Keto...

Fast forward several years.  I was dating someone who had dealt with encephalitis (brain inflammation) and because of that had major issues with his brain.  As we researched ways of helping him, we came across the ketogenic diet.  Having already tried so many things, we decided, why not give it 30 days.

We did our research, I cooked the meals, and it only took a week for me to notice changes in myself - my focus, my daily energy, my drive - all improving.

And I didn't even know I had a problem with energy!  I have always exercised and played sports, yet have had a major lack of energy throughout normal days - but keto completely changed that for me.  And I would have never known it could have been better!

When I decided to drop some weight, it was easy.  I had never been so satisfied with the food on a restricted calorie diet, and I had never seen changes so fast.  The results...were...amazing.

Listening to & Respecting Myself...

Over time I have learned to listen to myself and my body - and one of the major ways I do this is through meditation, journaling, and self reflection.  People avoid self reflection because of so many reasons: they don't even know how, they don't have time, it's not important, etc.  However, you can't grow or change without it.  And if you want to lose weight and "change" without falling into the same bad health habits after a "diet", then self reflection is key.

I have also learned to love my body, through the imperfections and faults. 

It is always a work in progress, but I understand that my body was designed to fulfill more than just look good for other people.  It was designed for so much more - but it can achieve that so much more through healthy food, habits and exercise.

My body now deserves to be loved and appreciated for what it does for me every day.  And so does yours.

Through Keto Domain I focus on combining this amazing ketogenic diet with my love for exercise and overall health.  To really help you make progress with weight loss and health, I've developed the Keto Revive program.

Keto Revive is going live mid-October 2018.  Until then, check out our FREE Beginner's Guide to Understanding the Ketogenic Diet and/or our 28 Day Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Meal Plan!